James Jenkins

Thank you for your interest in my website. I hope you enjoy your visit and will check this site frequently as changes occur often. I am indebted to Dale Royal, my former Technology Director (now retired) at Lamar County Schools, for developing the website for me and for keeping it active. My first interest in doing a website was to feature my hometown, Chesterfield, SC, as it was during the time when I grew up in the 20th Century. Many people contributed to the information contained on the Web site, and I am grateful to them for their contributions. Many of those who helped with the background information are no longer with us and I am glad we were able to capture some of their thoughts and recollections about how Chesterfield looked during earlier years. I hope this site serves as a reminder of a time when we all thought the world was a safe place, and Chesterfield was a safe and caring community. You can relive the 20th Century Chesterfield by clicking on the "Chesterfield" tab. In preparing the photos that are included in the "Twenty Century Chesterfield" website, I re-kindled an earlier interest in photography and I am currently trying to develop a higher skill level in photography. You can see my photo albums under the tab, Jim's Photos. While I attended several colleges in the state, I received my undergraduate degree from Newberry College and I have captured some of the flavor of what Newberry College was like at the time I attended, and more recently through the reunions I have attended . If you have an interest in Newberry College, you might enjoy clicking on the Newberry tab. Newberry College has a number of Chesterfield natives among their alumni.